The art of returning to the self is a multi-faceted journey that includes self-care/nutrition, balancing energies, breathwork, mindfulness, posture, and meditation.

[efaccordion id=”02″] [efitems title=”Breath” text=”Our breath is the closest thing to us…our best friend…the one thing that never abandons us from the moment we are born until the moment we die. Every morning when we rise, we have the chance to return again to our breath and to acknowledge the miracle of our bodies and beings.
“] [efitems title=”Self Care and Nourishment” text=”
Self-care and compassion is the foundation for our ability to love and give to others from a centered place. Perhaps the shortest and most powerful prayer in human language is “help.” Whether we give it to ourselves or others, it is the human being’s call to existence and purpose. Recognizing when we have personal needs that require fulfillment is essential in order to give to others from a place of strength and fullness. This is the hardest thing to do for most of us who are natural givers. We must be courageous enough to admit our vulnerability and what we need, and take the time to attend to it!”]

[efitems title=”Chi” text=”Chi is the invisible life force that permeates everything. It surrounds everything and is within all things. Yogis call it “prana” and the Japanese call it “ki.” This powerful source of energy can be generated by breath, sunlight, nutrition and water. We also discover that Chi can be moved within our own bodies and can be exchanged between human beings. Chi cannot be willed or forced. Rather it is the ripple in the water that follows the stone. It can only be felt after we immerse ourselves in trusting the flow of life and embracing breath.”]

[efitems title=”Yoga” text=”
The word “yoga” means union; union of mind, body, spirit. The union between us and within us. Yoga embodies the intelligence of creation, the “oneness of all things”. Yoga provides a natural counterbalance to the stresses of modern life. Through postures and stretching, yoga helps balance emotions, sharpen intellect, bring gratitude to the heart and strengthen the body. In our ever changing world with its frenetic pace of life, more people are turning to yoga as a retreat for inner balance and calm.
[efitems title=”Tai Chi” text=”Few health exercises have stood the test of time for as long as Tai Chi. This low-impact exercise can do as much or more to improve overall health and relieve stress as aerobics and other exercises. It improves muscle function and the circulation of blood in your cardiovascular system. It keeps everything inside you healthy, from the smallest muscles to ligaments, joints, bodily fluids, vertebrae and internal organs. It dramatically increases breathing capacity and Chi flow in the body. Tai chi can also serve as a form of moving meditation, helping you release energetic blockages and negative emotions; replaced by clarity and passion to embark on your personal path.”]

[efitems title=”Chakras” text=”Our bodies are a choreographed form of everything that is happening with ultimate intelligence. They are the creation of how the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components are expressed. Chakras are the energetic counterparts to these parts of ourselves. They correspond to the spinal column, rising from the base of the spine through the trunk, and ending in the left nostril. There are 7 main chakras and they all store CHI (life force energy). The energy becomes finer as it moves up from the base of the chakras to the crown of the head.”]

[efitems title=”Balancing Energies” text=”This concept refers to balancing the opposing forces in the body such as light/dark, masculine/feminine, joy/pain, and left/right sides of the energetic body. Our breath represents these opposing forces through inhalation and exhalation by ideally looking for equilibrium and balance within the body. Symmetry is important. We aim to achieve equilibrium by balancing these opposing forces within ourselves, in our interactions with others and with life.”]

[efitems title=”Mindfulness and Visualization” text=” Our thoughts, moods, emotions and beliefs have a fundamental impact on our basic health, healing mechanisms and immune system. Mindfulness and connecting with letting go in the present moment can help reverse stress responses in our body. Music, imagery, and paced breath can relax the body. This can stimulate and release the right and left sides of the brain and body. This helps create equilibrium and a homeostatic state which can help resolve and heal past traumas or negative energy blocks, which creates flow in our lives.”]

[efitems title=”Meditation” text=”Meditation is the process of releasing judgment of the mind. It is about embracing and allowing anything that exists in you, to just be. By releasing judgment of our self and deeply connecting with our breath, we can restore clarity and balance. Meditation helps us restore balance between the left and right sides of the brain. The left side of the brain deals with thinking, speaking and writing…the rational side. The right side of the brain deals with intuition, imagination and feeling. This is our receptive part of the brain. Practicing daily helps create balance and connection.”]