Mental Health & Wellness Groups

Group Wellness Workshops

Group workshops provide a strong foundation of wellness techniques that can be woven into everyday life. By integrating essential practices, we can create physical, emotional and spiritual alignment within ourselves. The benefits are virtually limitless — increased health, energy, work performance and the joy of living. When we commit to our own wellness journey, we come to see the natural, positive impact in every area of our lives: our families, intimate relationships, friendships, and careers.

Upcoming Workshop Topics

  • Launching young adult children off to college and into “the real adult world”
  • Handling Conflict and Repairing Ruptures in Relationships
  • Transforming Traumatic Experiences into Growth Experiences
  • How to Reflect and Let Go; Using Gratitude to Inspire Vital Change
  • Developing healthy boundaries within challenging family relationships: Setting Limits with Love
  • Self Healing Methods that grow with you and never leave you
Dates to be announced. Contact Jennifer for more information.



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