Jen is the kind of therapist that finds you before you even find yourself.

She shares her light to illuminate your path, and guide you through whatever darkness you’re lost in. After losing my father to drugs and alcohol at a young age, Jen helped me navigate grief while addressing other life long issues stemming from years of abuse and instability. She used resources and connections to walk me through a very personal healing process and help me overcome the obstacles limiting my growth. Without Jen, I may have never found the light I needed to reach the other side of such a beautiful life.


Jennifer helped my husband and I to reconnect in a stronger loving way and to find happiness.

Jen provided us with advice, support and commitment in a very warm and comfortable setting. At first I was afraid of therapy but with each session I looked forward to listening to her and implementing her recommendations. Jen has different and unique approaches to therapy. She practices meditation and taught me breathing techniques as well as sending passages to read as a way of calming me. Jen gave us ideas and taught us ways to communicate, be our own person, grow individually and as a couple. Jen helped us to reconnect find happiness and be in a stronger and more loving relationship.


I leave every session feeling enlightened and with concrete guidance needed to take the next step, re-evaluate, focus or just appreciate where I am in my life at any given moment.

Jen has the unique gift of being insightful, intuitive and compassionate to her clients — truly helping you along your journey to become the person you want to be or sort through issues that just don’t go away on their own over time.  I leave every session feeling enlightened and with concrete guidance needed to take the next step, re-evaluate, focus or just appreciate where I am in my life at any given moment. She has been life-changing for me, and her kindness will help you open your heart and your mind to happiness, self-worth and self-awareness.


I was lucky enough to be referred to Jennifer about 5 or so years ago and have been seeing her on and off since then.

Her approach was much different than my past experiences with therapists.  She is extremely intuitive and focuses on guiding you through the process versus telling you what or how the path should look like.  It allowed for a lot of self-growth and self-awareness that I was lacking and further helped me crawl out of the darkness that I was in at the time.  I also enjoyed the fact that she included meditation and other therapeutic methods.  Her unique approach definitely helped me and I would recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for guidance, healing or self-growth.


Jen is a great coach. She helped me find my way around several difficult times in my life.

First, an unhappy marriage, then a lost job. She was patient, kind, and I truly felt like I was in a ‘judgement free’ zone. Jen is candid and very real. Of all the therapists I have spoken to, she was the easiest to relate to. It was easy to build a friendly connection with her. She taught me to be a little easier on myself and helped me reevaluate what was most important to me and my life. A few sessions with her later, I was able to start to get myself back on track, and we all know getting started is the hardest part. Her process is practical combined with spiritual. Through meditation with her I was able to calm myself, and approach my obstacles with refreshed eyes. I would recommend her to everyone, and particularly, those open/ready to exploring their inner selves through guided meditation.


You inspire me because of your strength and grace in guiding.

 Jen, you are so smart and insightful..  how you knew to guide me today from imitating /mocking my mother-in-law with so much negative energy which transformed to tears…you are brilliant.

I keep thinking of how you shared my tears which blows me away…wow! I am in awe. I trust you so much…as much as I did feel beaten up in the beginning…look at what we did together! Great job and kudos to you my sweet, kind, tender coach and champion. 


It was really easy to talk with Jen…never felt like I had to share or that she was trying to teach me something.

I met Jen in 2013 about a year before I was divorced at a family member’s house.  We instantly connected and were engaged in an hour long conversation (which is rare for a man). It was really easy to talk with Jen…never felt like I had to share or that she was trying to teach me something. There was a level of trust that was instantly there…something that I had never had before when talking with a counselor. 

I didn’t see Jen again for over a year when  I was finally divorced.  Each time that I come in to see her, I always leave feeling encouraged.  Even when I share the “not so good” with her, we always move past that and find something new to focus on.  Jen’s energy is contagious as her positive vibe and warm smile have helped me get through some very dark times.  I’ve seen other counselors and most are impersonal and do just too much listening and not enough engaging.  Jen is someone that I will aways come back to, no matter what the season in my life is.  I’m grateful for her love and support.


Jen is an incredible therapist. She is compassionate, empathetic and effective.

She knows how to meet you where you are in your journey to healing and helps you get to where you need to be. I have learned a lot about myself and am learning to communicate better with the people in my life. I highly recommend Jen as a therapist.

Jen Wand Testimonial Icon Image She was kind and compassionate and just wanted to help me get to the person that she knew was inside.

I first came to see Jennifer when I was 16. My life had taken a significant turn and I was suffering from severe depression and anxiety, not to mention I had just informed my family that I had been the victim of sexual abuse for a substantial amount of my youth.

When I began therapy it was a struggle. I was unable to open up and was very angry at the world and anyone that I came across. Jennifer had her work cut out for her. As we began meeting on a weekly basis Jennifer was able to traverse the complex wall I had constructed and lived behind.

At first that looked like art, we would meet for our sessions and I would draw or paint or create a collage while I began to let Jennifer know me and my struggles. The gentleness with which Jennifer approached me was something I will never forget. She was kind and compassionate and just wanted to help me get to the person that she knew was inside. Our sessions progressed over time and shifted into hour long talks where I couldn’t let her know enough and didn’t want to leave when time was up.

As our work together evolved Jennifer became the person that I trusted with all my thoughts and feelings. She honored them and helped me process and work through things that would come up in my life and most importantly the things that had happened in my past.

After a year of working together I moved away to go to college, but I continued to see Jennifer when I came home for breaks. We would pick up where we left off and I would fill her in on what my life looked like and what struggles I was facing and she would again be there to help me process my feelings in a safe and healthy way.

Jennifer and I have stayed in touch for more than 15 years now and she is the person that I know is always there and that I can reach out to when I need to talk with someone. She has been with me through healing from abuse, dealing with alcoholism and getting sober, marriage and divorce, remarriage, and the death of a sibling. I cannot say more about the pivotal impact my therapy with Jennifer has made on my life.  She is an amazing woman and the way that she cares for and loves her clients is something rare and special. It is truly a gift to know her, work with her and to call her my friend.




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